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Cast List for The Reduced Company for Avenue Q

Puppet Hire packages from £500pw















The Reduced Company set of puppets for Avenue Q have all the cast members you will need for your performance without having to use the same puppet for different characters. The set consists of;

2 x Princeton    

2 x Rod

2 x Kate Monster

2 x Nicky

2 x Lucy

2 x Bad Idea Bears (1 Boy & 1 Girl)

2 x Trekkie Monster (1 Stage & 1 Window)

1 x Mrs T

1 x Ricky

1 x Newcomer

1 x Gary Coleman


This set of  Avenue Q puppets will need costume changes, all the costumes you require for your performance come as part of the package. The Avenue Q puppets live in a lockable, rolling travel case which converts into a backstage puppet dressing room, this box is also strong enough to allow you to use a pallet handling courier to reduce your transport costs.

With 1 week packages from as little as £500 you have just run out of excuses.   

All enquires to 


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