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The Set for Avenue Q

Set made by the Littleshop Workshop and painted by Geoff Warner

Rod's Living room.

Monsterssori School banner unrolled.

The set has been designed and built in our own workshop with the Avenue Q hire market in mind. It comprises, as you would expect, three terrace houses with all ground floor doors and four of the upstairs windows fully opening to perform through. The upstairs windows can be accessed via safety steps, your own scaffold or standard tower scaffold that can be hired in from an external hire company. The bay window to the left opens to reveal Kate monsters lounge, the center shutter opens up to show Rod's living room and the right hand window hinges down to show an office and can be easily removed from behind to allow singing boxes to perform through. The set comes with two dented dustbins and all the props and dressings for both Kate's and Rod's living rooms, a bar backdrop for Lucy's nightclub scene and a Monsterssori banner which is pulled out from a roller fixed to the set.

The set has been made from 4mm MDF and softwood framing all of which has been treated with flame retardants and then painted on all surfaces with acrylic paints further improving its fire resistance.

As part of the hire package we will deliver, assemble and take down the set for you.    

Prices for the hire of the set will vary due to your location which will dictate transport costs. Please let us have your delivery postcode when making enquires via email to ensure we can give you an accurate quote.  

The set dimentions are.

6.8m wide x 4.4m high

The total depth from front of steps

to back of side return is 2.2m

Click on pictures to enlarge

Kate Monster's Living room.

Bar backdrop for Lucy's nightclub scene

Set design by Keith Herring and painted by Geoff Warner

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